the European Drone School .

We started in 2016 as the Belgian Drone School, teaching our students how to obtain a UAV license in Belgium. We quickly realised sharing knowledge was our main motivation, and we decided experience was the first key skill for selecting our teachers. We love to tell you our drone missions stories, listen to yours, and learn from each other. We truly believe that, in aeronautics as in life, knowing we don't know everything saves us from boredom.
Then, in 2020, we evolved to become the European Drone School. This means our students now come from all over the world, bringing us the richness of their experiences, and learning our view of the UAV business.


Our CEO .

Matthieu GERARD

Matthieu is a dynamic, self taught idea machine. He loves innovating on new projects, develop them and make them grow.

Being an experienced UAV pilot with over 3000 flight hours, he has a broad knowledge of the subjects our school teaches. He sometimes teaches himself, or supervises contents and form over the whole company.

He is also the strategy manager for DeltaCopter, and lead technical reference for any matter DeltaCopter pilots share with him.

Amongst other things, he is also a UAV test pilot for SABCA, and a member of the steering committe of the internation UAV federation called UVS International.

"When I take a walk with my little boy, I always wonder who is operating the drones over our heads. And it makes me very proud when it is a pilot we have trained, because I know for sure he is keeping us safe."

Matthieu's interest are : his work, family, and new technologies.

Our Chief of Operations .

Stéphane TILMANT

Stephane is a strong, gentle, and very organised man, who never refuses to help, or go the extra mile for his students.

As the director of European Drone School's operations, teachers and gear, he is very precise and rigourus, while always staying accessible.

Stephane also takes care of mission preparations in DeltaCopter, risk assessment and special flight authorisation manager.

"My wife and my kids are what count the most, and everything I accomplish, I do for them. But seeing the smile on a student's face when he gets it, when he flies complicated manoeuvers for the first time, or when he succeeds at an examination, that makes me really proud."

Stephan's interests are : his work, his family, and keeping things nice and tidy.

School History .

Foundation .

The Belgian Drone School was founded in 2016 in a small classroom, in Belgium's second largest airport. Later, in 2020, the European Drone School was born.

First Students .

We had students from all around Belgium, French speaking, Dutch speaking, German speaking and English speaking.
Quickly, we started to train Police, Military and Firefighters, but also big companies like Sabca, Sonaca, Infrabel, and many more.

Publishing our own books .

By the en of 2018, we had written, designed and printed our own books. Even student coming through our school gets them, takes them home, and keeps on learning.

Bigger buildings .

In 2018, we decided to move from Belgium's second airport to a UAV test center called ID2Move, situated in Nivelles, close to Brussels. There, we have access to 5000m2 of buildings, 600Ha of outdoor privatised airspace, and a 600m2 indoor flying room.

Europe, regulations and federations .

We are active members of UVS International, the international European UAV federation. Our CEO is actually member of the steering committee, and president of the working group 1.4 there. This gives us access to premium information about the work on the new European Drone Regulations.

EDS, Online !

In 2020, we decided to make our dream come true. Delivering great training courses to everyone in Europe for a fraction of the price. It's done !

Our Mission and Values .

Making UAV training affordable, done !
Creating great courses, with experienced teachers, done !
Gaining governments and governmental agencies trust, done !

Now we will take some time to enjoy teaching, meeting and sharing, because that is really what we love to do, and flying drones too...
  • Affordability

  • Expertise

  • Security

  • Sharing

  • Serving you

Faculty and Staff.


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